Photo by Regina Madwed, Capitol Photo Interactive

Photo by Regina Madwed, Capitol Photo Interactive


Gary is behind-the-scenes ghostwriter or editor on well over a dozen successful titles and credited coauthor of Wealth Made Easy with Dr. Greg Reid (BenBella, 2019) and Creating Sales Stars: A Guide to Managing the Millennials on Your Team with #1 sales trainer Stephan Schiffman (HarperCollins Leadership, 2018) .     

His book The Rock and Roll Reader’s Guide, which received rave reviews from Kinky Friedman and Dave Marsh, among others, was nominated for the Ralph Gleason Award. He has contributed feature articles to The Guinness Book of Records and The Guinness Book of Sports Records. 

Gary is a graduate of The Dramatic Writing Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Published books: