Literary Agent

  • Trade Non-Fiction and Fiction

  • Insider knowledge of the Market and Publishing/Editorial Boards

  • Expertise in Business, Self-Help/Inspiration, Memoir, Health, Sports, and True Crime

  • Proven dealmaking

  • Passion and respect for author's content and brand

  • Representation of STAR Authors!

    • Kedma Ough

    • Debbie Levison

    • Stephan Schiffman

    • Asha Dahya

    • Charlene Costanzo

    • Clarissa Burt

    • Michael Rosenblum

    • Monique Faison Ross

    • Jed Diamond

    • Stacy Maxwell

    • Katrina Kusa

Kedma Ough

Kedma Ough

Asha Dahya

Asha Dahya

Debbie Levison

Debbie Levison